Payment Plans Help Manage College Costs

Can a Payment Plan Help You Manage College Costs?

A Knox education is an investment in your future. You should feel confident you can afford it. Consider enrolling in a payment plan, which could make financing your education much easier.

Some features worth noting about our payment plans:

    • Payment plans are not loans, so there are no interest charges
    • Your only additional cost is an enrollment fee ($35 per term)
    • You can choose the payment schedule that is most convenient for your family

Here’s how you can get started: In early July, Knox will send your fall term billing statement, showing all costs (tuition, fees, room and board, etc.), and all financial aid for which you are eligible. We will also send instructions on how to log into your Student Finance Center, where you can make payments and decide on a payment plan option.

To learn more about your payment plan options at Knox, read our Pay Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees page.

The Office of Student Financial Services is here to help you find the best payment option for you and your family. If you have any questions, contact us at or 309-341-7149. You can also check out our Meet the Staff page to contact the advisor specifically assigned to you.

Don’t study! Take Your Placement Exams Now

In July, you will meet virtually with your academic advisor to choose your classes for fall term. Before that meeting, it is important that your advisor has access to the most up-to-date academic information about you, because accurate course placement is vital to your academic success at Knox—and we want you to be successful! Research shows that students who begin their college study taking courses that are challenging, yet not overwhelming, enjoy greater progress and achievement. 

Final Transcripts and Test Scores

Be sure to request that a final high school transcript, any relevant test scores (AP, IB, GCE), and any college records be sent to Knox. We need this information not only to assist your faculty advisor as you register for classes, but to maintain your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships 

Placement Exams

These are the only exams you’ll take at Knox where we specifically ask you NOT to study! A placement exam is just a short test you take to help your advisor determine the level of academic skill you already have in a specific academic area. At Knox, we offer placement exams in mathematics, some second languages, and music. All incoming students must take placement exams. Even if you believe you know where you should (or would like to) start out in these areas of study, taking the exams will ensure that you are placed in a class at the level appropriate for your skills. You can Learn more about placement exams here and take the exams on your Pre-Arrival Tracker.

So that your academic advisor has time to review your placement exams, transcripts, and other materials before your virtual meeting in July, please make sure that they have been submitted by June 21.

Danille Fatkin, associate dean for faculty affairs, explains the importance of placement exams and why you should take them as soon as possible.

Welcome to Your Educational Experience!

Welcome to your Knox Educational Experience! This message and others you will receive in the coming months will guide your first steps in a journey of intellectual discovery we will share.

Your academic advisor, with whom you will meet virtually in mid-July when you select your courses, plays a major role in the start of your academic journey. Prepare for your mid-July meeting with your academic advisor by ensuring you log into your Pre-Arrival Tracker and complete these steps:

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Housing and First-Year Preceptorial Preferences

Where you live is one of the most important parts of your college experience. Your four years living on campus will provide you with opportunities to develop new friendships and skills and to learn about new ideas, beliefs, and cultures within a caring community atmosphere. Living on campus also provides unique opportunities for interpersonal learning and growth as you live, study, and engage with the rest of the campus community.

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Information for International Students

Welcome to the Knox Community

Greetings from Knox College! My name is Alex Pia, and I’m the director of international student services at Knox. I’m very excited to meet you and welcome you to the Knox community this fall.

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What It Means To Live in a Residential Community

Knox is a residential liberal arts college, with more than 95% of students living on campus. Because of this, everything from student activities to housing arrangements are designed to offer endless opportunities for conversation, debate, and discovery. Being a residential college also means that we learn together—inside and outside the classroom. 

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Students: Welcome to Knox!

Congratulations on your decision to enroll at Knox College. On behalf of the Division of Student Development, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you into our community. We know the COVID pandemic has significantly disrupted your recent educational experience, and are truly looking forward to a fully in-person 2022-23 academic year with all the in and out of class activities Knox has to offer. 

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